May 14, 2017


Dear Reader,


Paragraph One:


Picture this, it’s October 25, 2001 and Windows XP just came out. Upon installation, a beautiful rolling hills background named Bliss greets you. You then ask yourself where in the world that picture came from and who took it. Well I’m glad you asked because you’re about to learn everything there is to know about the wallpaper Bliss. When I was researching cool topics to research I came across a website that talked about the wallpaper Bliss. Bingo, I said, and just like that the big idea was created. I’ve always wondered about that wallpaper and if was photo shopped or not so I researched a little bit on it and as it turns out, there were lots of information on the topic so I thought that it would be a great idea to chose this topic. The MGP’s title “Behind The Bliss” was chosen because Bliss was the name for the Photo of the green hill in Sonoma County and the project is all about uncovering the mystery behind the photo so that means were looking behind the photo and finding out what it’s all about.


Paragraph Two:


All of my genres are linked to the photo Bliss in some way, whether that is a recreation of the photo or a poem about it. In the genres you will find out what the photo is all about and how it became Bill Gates chosen photo for Windows XP. I chose the painting for a genre because seeing a photo being recreated by a canvas painting is interesting and it shows that no matter how deep into technology we will become, we will always find ways to recreate the new with the traditional. I chose the map because maps are great ways to explain where the photo was taken and what Charles would have seen when he was looking at the hill. I chose to add two videos as a genre because like the maps, videos are great visual and auditory tools to help people learn about this topic. I chose to make my own painting on Microsoft paint because I wanted to recreate the original photo to see how it would look made by a non-artist on a simple painting application. I made the advertisement because I wanted to show the camera that was used to take the picture Bliss. Instead of just showing it, I chose to make an ad because an ad can show the features and more info on the camera. I chose the poem because I needed to explain what happened during the time the photo was taken and when Bill Gates and Charles were discussing the deal over the picture. The most fun and creative way to do that was to make a poem. The obituary was chosen because I wanted to share the accomplishments and past life of Charles O’Rear and because he is an aged man I thought it just made sense. The websites purpose was to present the information I gathered while researching the topic and because my topic is related to technology, I thought a website would be suitable. I chose the comic strip because comic strips and humorous and they are in my case used to teach others an event in history.




In conclusion this project was a very challenging and planned out task. There was planning, writing, finding, researching and putting together. In this project I learned about the wallpaper Bliss and I hope that everyone else that looked at my website learned a little bit more about the photo. Before viewing the website, I want everyone to acknowledge the time and effort that I put into making this website. Making quality websites takes intelligence and lots of clicking of a mouse. I hope that my readers will gain the knowledge about the wallpaper Bliss and knowledge about how it came to be the most recognized photo in the world. This is all I have to say on the dear reader letter and I hope you enjoy looking at my website and learning more about Bliss.


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  Matt d'Entremont


Matthew d’Entremont