June 4, 2018



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I chose Ready player one as my MGP book because the novel represents the real world issues we have today, only magnified. All over the world technology has taken over the minds of the people. We message, call, browse and post more than we interact face to face. The year is 2045 and the 80s are back. Everyone is crazy about it, the clothes, music, games, movies and culture are in and although everything sounds radical, there is a more gloomy aspect to this world. This dystopian story is about an 18 year old kid named Wade Watts who lives in the stacks in Oklahoma the stacks are a method of housing that is used to conserve space in the future due to overpopulation. There is this online network called the OASIS, which is a huge virtual reality server that almost everyone on earth uses for their daily lives.

The story is a dystopia because it reveals the consequences humans will have to face if we don’t clean up our act soon. Everyone is online doing whatever they want while the real problem with the earth is still relevant. The earth is destroyed due to over population and harvesting of resources and the quality of life is very low. Poverty, homelessness, disease and crime run rampant and the only escape from it all is the OASIS. The OASIS was created to escape all the issues of the outside world because in the OASIS, anything was possible. The research that took place for this Project was in the form of character analysis and story plot websites. A movie for this novel came out is 2018 so there was a good amount of information online for me to work with. My genres I selected were chosen carefully to reflect the futuristic and 80s videogame aspect of the novel.

The first created piece I made was a manifesto. The manifesto’s purpose was to show the important parts of a quote said by Halliday. The rules of the game genre were a piece I included reflecting the video game aspect of the novel. In this genre I explained the rules of the egg hunt made by Halliday when he died. 80s video games were a big part of the novel due to Halliday, the creator of the OASIS, growing up in the time period. The next genre I created was a character analysis. This piece was analysing the character James Halliday’s life and his accomplishments.

My second last genre I created was a job application for being a Gunter. This genre was inspired by the IOI when they tried to recruit Wade onto their team for finding the egg.

The last genre I created was the website. This genre was just a way to display my work.


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  Matt d'Entremont


Matthew d’Entremont